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Your involvement is essential to the success of our medical research. Find out all the important information you need to get involved in our exciting studies and help improve health for all here.

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Actively listening to your needs

to offer you personalized support

Our team of healthcare professionals stands out for its humane and respectful approach

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The first meeting and consent.

During the first visit you will meet with one of the study’s research coordinators. This meeting always begins with the reading of consent where you will have the opportunity to ask your questions. If you agree to participate in the study, you will be asked to sign the consent

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The selection period

Once the consent has been signed, the Research Coordinator will ask you some questions in order to know your medical history. Each search protocol is unique and has a list of inclusion and exclusion criteria. She will also perform some of the procedures required by the protocol. Here are some examples (vital signs, electrocardiogram and blood tests). This data will help assess whether you are potentially eligible for the study. The interventions performed and the duration of this period is unique to each study.

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In case you meet all the criteria requested by the study, you will be able to be randomized, which means you will be able to start the study medication

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Treatment phase

During this phase, you receive study medication. There will also be follow-up clinic visits. Some studies also include telephone visits. The coordinator will assess your health by asking you a few questions and collect some data by performing some of the interventions required by the study protocol.

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The end of treatment follow-up.

This phase begins when you complete study treatment. The duration and number of visits vary depending on the protocol, but it usually consists of an additional visit approximately 2 to 4 weeks after stopping treatment. The follow-up allows to conclude the study safely. If additional testing is required, the coordinator will contact the medical investigator for additional testing.

The benefits

of participating in a study

In order to reassure you about your first experience in clinical research, Alpha-Recherche offers professional and warm care. Here are some benefits of participating in a clinical trial.

  • 3 clinics
  • +300 clinical tests
  • +5000 participants
  • +40 professionals
  • Health check-up

    Regular health checks throughout the study

  • Multidisciplinary team

    Nurses, family physicians, neuropsychologists, neurologists, gastroenterologists, radiologists…

  • Personalized care

    Personalized care according to your needs

  • Personal involvement

    Your personal involvement in the development of new drugs

  • Free medicines

    Study drugs provided free of charge during your participation

  • No fees to pay

    No fees to pay for participation (financial compensation usually covers travel expenses)