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In order to reassure you about your first experience in clinical research, Alpha-Recherche offers you professional and warm care. Here are some benefits of participating in a clinical study.

  • Regular health check-ups throughout the study
  • A multidisciplinary team (nurses, family doctors, neuropsychologists, neurologists, gastroenterologists, radiologists, etc.)
  • Personalized care according to your needs
  • Your personal involvement in the development of new drugs
  • Study drugs provided free of charge during your participation 
  • No fees for participation (financial compensation usually covers travel costs).

    Clinique de Val-Bélair

    1147 boul. Pie XI Nord, suite 207
    Québec, Qc G3K 2P8

    Tél. : (418) 847-1112

    Fax : (418) 847-9134

    Clinique de Lebourgneuf

    725, boulevard Lebourgneuf
    Québec G2J 0C4

    Tél. : (418) 704-1112

    Fax : (418) 847-9134