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Here’s how our centers are organized to set up research protocols.

Clinic of

Telephone  (418) 704-1112
Fax  (418) 704-1092
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Clinic of

Telephone  (418) 847-1112
Fax  (418) 847-9134
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Clinic of

Telephone  (418) 380-1112
Fax  (418) 603-6969
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Alpha Recherche Clinique

specializes in clinical research in Quebec City

Alpha Recherche Clinique is a private clinical research company in the Quebec City area founded by nurses in 2008. We specialize in phase II to IV clinical trials. We work in close collaboration with a number of research physicians who practice in the same facility as our sites.

  • 3 Clinics
  • +300 clinical tests
  • +5000 participants
  • +40 professionals
  • Ambition

    We are recognized by our partners as sites of excellence, as well as Canada’s top recruiters in certain studies. We like to surpass ourselves and take on new challenges.

  • Collaboration

    Teamwork is essential to our business. We value this practice among both our employees and our partners.

  • Quality

    Delivering quality healthcare to our patients is essential. We aim to ensure that our documentation is clear and accurate to meet the standards of good clinical practice.

Our equipment

State-of-the-art environments dedicated to clinical research

The company is highly equipped to conduct high-quality clinical studies. It has modern, comfortable workspaces. It is equipped with a number of medical devices that are calibrated annually to ensure compliance with requirements. Our research centers are all located in a healthcare facility with several medical services. Researchers are nearby, as is an imaging clinic. The pharmacy is located on the premises of the research centers.

Here’s the list of equipment available: on-site pharmacy, locked medication in a closed area, two locked refrigerators, locked freezer at -20°C, locked freezer at -80°C, safes complying with Health Canada standards, ambient and refrigerated centrifuges, generators, tensiometers, thermometers, ECG, calibrated scales, spirometry, stadiometers, monitor rooms, an imaging clinic nearby.

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