ALPHA CLINICAL RESEARCH is located in a health services complex.

It is thus within the same environment as a medical clinic that is part of the family medicine group network, as well as a radiology clinic, which offers bone mineral densitometry and mammography services (amongst others). There is also a pharmacy in the complex.

Moreover, we have concluded agreements with a local medical laboratory.

ALPHA CLINICAL RESEARCH possesses a modern and comfortable workspace that offers all that is necessary for clinical research. Each and every room has been conceived in terms of its usefulness.

We also have 6 offices, designed to host meetings with participants.

A room devoted to blood testing and medical examinations has been set up. In it, one can find high performance medical equipment, such as electrocardiographs, centrifuges, refrigerators, freezers, etc. All equipment is calibrated on a yearly basis.

An additional office devoted to meetings and consultation has also been set up.

We also have a limited access storage room, which is linked to a central alarm system. We use it to store all medication that is under study, as well as regulatory documentation. In that room, there also is a safe that was installed according to OCS norms. The temperature inside the room can be controlled at all times.

Monitoring spaces are also offered, and include a secure high-speed Internet service, a photocopier and a fax machine.

We may also host group meetings in a conference room designed for such purposes.